History of Peach Mill Supply Works

The founder of Peach Mill Supply Works, LLC has enjoyed a rich practice in construction management and engineering for over 35 years.  Through his experience in commercial construction he learned the thermal and structural specifications of rigid insulation.  In particular, Expended Polystyrene (EPS) has been found to be quite effective in a variety of applications.  He employed that knowledge to solve the problem of shipping perishable foods in extended transit times.  In 2020, we were awarded a U.S. patent for our design of highly effective insulated shipping coolers and ice blankets that are used by farmers to ship perishable foods.

Due to the high volume of EPS that we use in manufacturing our insulated coolers, we have decided to expand our operations and distribute EPS to the construction industry and private home owners.  Our manufacturing facility now has the ability to cut EPS in any thickness, in addition to cutting profiles for various projects.